A Restau­rant in Oak Park

Amer­i­ca has been coined “the melt­ing pot,” and in terms of its foods, it’s lit­er­al­ly that. Peo­ple from around the world came to make Amer­i­ca to make it their home, bring­ing and shar­ing their native cul­tures, fla­vors and foods.

Amer­i­can cui­sine is hard to define for that very reason.Amerikas rep­re­sents that very essence of Amer­i­can cui­sine. Amerikas’ con­cept is ded­i­cat­ed to blend its Latin roots with fla­vors from around the world to cre­ate that unique taste.

At Amerikas restau­rant our mis­sion is all about embrac­ing all the fla­vors of our very melt­ing pot called Amer­i­ca. As we con­tin­ue to incor­po­rate cul­tures into our own, the tastes we love will evolve to reflect the chang­ing world.